If you experience a dental problem after hours, please check out the following guidelines for assistance.


Dislodged Permanent or Temporary Crown

If you have had an existing or temporary crown come off, Polygrip denture adhesive is a temporary cement that can hold the crown in place.  The crown will only reseat one way. Do not eat on the crown until it can be recemented back into place. Note: If the crown has fractured or will not go back on, or if you choose NOT to attempt to place it back into position, either way, eat on the other side until the tooth can be addressed by our office during normal business hours.  Orthodontic dental wax can be used to cover the tooth if there is sharp edge, air or thermal sensitivity. Polygrip and Orthodontic wax can easily be obtained at Walmart. 


Dislodged Filling

If you have dislodged a filling, orthodontic wax can be placed in the space or void if there is thermal or air sensitivity.  Temporary filling material, which can be easily mixed and placed in the void, is now also available at the local pharmacy.  Eat on the opposite side until the tooth can be properly restored during regular office hours.  


Knocked Out Tooth

If you’ve knocked out your tooth accidentally, it’s important to save the tooth so it can be reattached. Place the tooth in milk, and call an oral surgeon as soon as possible so that the tooth can be reimplanted.


Thermal Sensitivity

For dental sensitivity to hot or cold, use Sensodyne Rapid Relief as directed.  Attempt to avoid stimulating the tooth with any thermal foods or liquids.  All Sensodyne products can easily be obtained at Walmart.



With the recent changes in the Federal DEA guidelines concerning medical prescriptions, if you experience pain that cannot be controlled with OTC pain medications like Tylenol or Advil, you will need to seek assistance at Urgent Care or an Emergency Room.  After hour medical prescriptions are no longer available to be phoned into your pharmacy.


After Hours Immediate Dental Care

If you require any immediate after hours dental care that cannot be delayed until normal business hours, contact Dental Depot for assistance.


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