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August 16, 2019
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If your idea of camping is a quiet walk through the woods before returning to your rustic hotel, your regular brushing habits will be perfect for your trip.  However, if you are hiking into the mountains with your tent, backpack, and camp food, then check out the folllowing tips to adapt your dental routine to the great outdoors.

WATER. If you wouldn't drink it, don't brush with it!  Use bottled water if you have brought it, or make sure that the local water is safe by using a testing kit.  Boiling, filters and purification tablets are all the ways to make sure that the water tests clean and safe.

TOOTHPASTE. You aren't the only one in the woods who finds toothpaste tasty.  Bears, raccoons, and other animals are attracted to the scent of your toothpaste, so keep it safe with the same kind of tightly sealed, odor-proof container that you keep food in.  And if you want to discourage unwanted visitors, don't spit your toothpaste out at your campground!

TOOTHBRUSH. While there are disposable and camping toothbrushes available, a regular toothbrush will work as well.  Normally, air-drying is the healthiest option for drying your toothbrush, but camping is an exception.  Just as animals are attracted to toothpaste, they are also attracted to your toothpaste-scented toothbrush.  Keep it in a sealed container that is odor-proof as well.

FLOSS. There are websites devoted to many ingenious ways to use dental floss while camping, but we recommend that you don't forget the original use!  Don't forget to floss regularly, keep it in a sealed container, and do be sure to take the used floss out of the area with you when you leave the great outdoors.

Even though you are roughing it, stick with your home routine as much as possible.  If you are unable to brush as usual, rinse your mouth well with clean water and brush when you can.  Have a great trip. and just one more thought--maybe go easy on the s'mores!

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God Bless,
Dr. Thomas


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