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October 25, 2019
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What's in your carry-on bag? You've got your passport, ticket, and currency, but what about your dental floss? Of course! You're preparing for the trip of a lifetime, and we want to help make sure that everything goes according to plan.

Part of your preparation before a long awaited vacation should be a complete dental check-up at our office well in advance of your trip.  If there is dental work that needs to be done, now is the time to do it.  No one wants to be struck over the Atlantic with a toothache, and changes in atmospheric pressure can cause serious problems if you have a severely compromised tooth!

Now that you have the all clear sign to travel, what about maintenance once you're on board for a long flight? Some airlines provide toothpaste and brushes for travelers.   If you have any questions about the quality of the water in the airplane restroom, use bottled water to brush your teeth.  There are also single-use mini-brushes that are available for travelers that come pre-loaded with paste and ready to use without any water at all.  Crisp fruits and vegetables can also help to clean teeth during your flight if brushing is not an option, and drinking plenty of water will not only keep you well hydrated, but help cleanse your mouth and teeth as well.  Finally, be sure to travel with floss, a travel-sized tube of toothpaste, and a brush in a well-ventilated container in case you face any airport delays between flights. 

Once you've arrived at your destination, try to keep your dental routine as close to normal as possible while on vacation.  Regular brushing and flosssing is still a necessity, especially if you take the opportunity to explore the local desserts.  Hopefully, these tips can make your flight more comfortable--now that you've reached your dream destination, the rest is up to you!

If you have any questions or are in need of an appointment, call our dental office at 918-455-0123!

God Bless,
Dr. Thomas




October 04, 2019






A shopping mall is a great place to gets lots of errands done in one trip. Department stores, clothing boutiques, specialty shops? So many tempting options all in one place. But teeth whitening? Maybe not.

Dental office whitening provides you with the whitest possible teeth in the safest possible manner.   Your teeth will be checked first for any condition that might make whitening a bad idea, such as tooth decay, weakened enamel, gum disease, or even gum recession.

THE MALL WHITENING PROCESS. No dental exam will be provided beforehand at the mall.  If you have any dental issues, the whitening process might cause further problems such as permanent tooth sensitivity or gum inflammation.  The amount of peroxide in the bleaching agents can vary kiosk to kiosk.  You might end up with something equal to over the counter home whitening strips, or you might be exposed to solutions that should only be provided in a dentist's office.  Finally, in many areas, mall whitening is actually illegal because it is considered the practice of dentistry without a license.  Mall kiosks skirt this problem by having the customers insert the trays full of gel themselves - a practice that does take the place of professional training, licensing, and regulation.

A mall kiosk is a convenient place to select a new phone, try an unusal hair product, or purchase the latest in fad toys.  But when it comes to your dental health, it's worth a special trip to the dental office if you want the safest, most effective whitening.

If you have any questions or are in need of an appointment, call our dental office at 918-455-0123!

God Bless,
Dr. Thomas

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