November 16, 2017
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So what's hydration got to do with your teeth? Xerostomia, commonly known as a dry mouth, is a condition in which the salivary glands in the mouth do not produce enough saliva. Saliva keeps the mouth moist and cleanses it of bacteria.  A lack of it, makes for an uncomfortably dry mouth that is also more susceptible to infection and disease.


  • Dryness or a sticky feeling
  • Frequent thirst
  • Burning sensations or redness in the throat or on the tongue
  • A sore throat or hoarseness
  • Difficulty chewing, swallowing, or tasting food

A dry mouth can commonly be associated as a side effect of certain medications or medical conditions, but can also be caused by damage to the salivary glands because of injury or surgery.


  • Stay Hydrated
  • Chew sugar-free candy or gum
  • Add moisture to your living spaces

Although these are just a few general tips about xerostomia, if you are experiencing the symptoms of a dry mouth often and it is interfering with your life, call our dental office at 918-455-0123 for an appointment.

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