March 05, 2020
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Oral surgery can be intimidating, especially if you develop any signs of infections afterwards.  Our Dental Team wants you to be fully informed about what to watch for if you have recently had any surgical procedures.

Oral surgical procedures are intended to reduce pain and prevent infection.  Check out the following common reasons that patients require oral surgery.

  • Impacted or infected teeth
  • Tooth loss, jaw problems
  • Facial injuries or infections
  • Birth defects
  • Sleep Apnea

Check out the following symptoms of infections.

  • Pain that won't go away with medication
  • Steadily swelling of the gums, jaw, or face.
  • Redness or pus from the area
  • Fever that does not subside
  • Difficulty opening the mouth or jaw
  • Excessive bleeding for 24 hours
  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing: NOTE: Should this occur: GO TO THE ER IMMEDIATELY!

After the initial surgery, don't become worried right away if you notice any of the symptoms listed above.  It's completely normal to experience some bleeding and swelling following any oral surgery.  If a post-op infection were to develop, which occurs more commonly in patients that have a compromised immune system or diabetes, don't fret! An antibiotic medication is usually prescribed to stop the infection.

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