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November 02, 2018
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The use of Vaping devices has been on the increase in the past few years.  Even though most patients feel that vaping is a much safer alternative to use than smoking tobacco, recent research has been released that further elevates the concern that Vaping, like tobacoo use, has some important adverse side effects.  

Although it has long been known that tobacco use decreases the body's ability to heal, a recent report that was just released in October 2018, indicates that vaping interfers with wound healing as well!  This research was published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery by Boston University researchers. Dr. Jeff Speigel, who is the chief of facial plastic surgery at the Boston Medical Center, stated that based on their recent findings, "e-cigarettes are NOT a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes as it relates to timely wound healing."  Smoking and vaping both appear to be equally deterimental to wound healing and are associated with a statisically significant increase in tissue death! These new findings are more evidence that continued research of the long term use of vaping is needed.  One can only think to intuitively draw a conclusion that since post operative dental procedures that require tissue healing, such as oral surgery, gum surgery, or even implant placement, could be negatively impacted by patients that currently vape!


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