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February 08, 2019
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You have probably counted a hundred reasons to stop smoking. It's unhealthy. It's expensive.  It annoys the people around you. You have to schedule your day around your next cigarette.  But here's reason number 101:  Did you know that one of the many side effects of smoking is the damage it does to your smile?

YOUR APPEARANCE is one of the most obvious things affected by smoking, which results in constant yellowing and discoloration of your teeth. Tobacco stains can take longer to remove with home brushing and whitening.  More importantly, no smile looks its best with periodontal disease and tooth loss.  Smoking has been linked to the presence of more harmful oral bacteria and higher occurences of cavities, gingivitis and periodontal disease, which is higher among smokers and commonly results in tooth loss.

YOUR HEALING rate slows considerably among smokers.  Smoking has been linked to a weaker immune system, so it's harder to fight off an infection or to heal from one.  And due to the harmful effects of smoking on bone tissue, there is an increased failure rate for dental implants among tobacco users.

ORAL CANCER is the single most serious risk factor that has been associated with tobbaco use. The good news is that this risk is cut dramatically if you quit!

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