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March 16, 2018






If you suffer from sensitive teeth, you already know the frustration of having a type of pain that is hard to deal with. Because tooth sensitivity is sometimes unpredictable, you can't necessarily take a medication to ward off the pain like you could if you just felt a headache coming on!  However, there is still something you can do about sensitive teeth. Use the following tips to help put your sensitivity and pain problems with your teeth behind you!

  • Use the Right Toothbrush.  Select a toothbrush made just for sensitive teeth, or the sofest bristles possible.  This helps you avoid putting any extra pressure on your teeth or gums.
  • Choose a Special Toothpaste.  There are several good options for toothpastes that are made just for sensitive teeth today.  Usually, toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth will be fluoridated and use a non-abrasive formula.  The toothpaste will help with the pain usually associated with brushing and flossing if you use it regularly.
  • Avoid Trigger Foods.  You may have noticed that certain trigger foods can cause tooth sensitivity and pain for you.  Avoid these foods whenever possible, and if you absolutely must eat them, try to consume them in very small quantities.  Trigger foods may include:

*Foods with high acid content for example citrus fruits

*Very hot or very cold foods

*Hard or crunchy foods

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