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February 14, 2018
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Valentine's Day, also known as Saint Valentine's Day, has been said to originate with a Catholic priest named Valentine many years ago.  Valentine defied the emperor at that time by secretly marrying men and their brides after the emperor had made it illegal to marry.  Since married men were not required to go to war, Emperor Claudius II forbid marriage because he wanted as many single men to fight in his war as he could get.

Valentine disobeyed the emperor's edict by continuing to marry couples until he was sentenced to death.  Before his execution, he sent a letter to a secret love and signed it "From your Valentine."  Whether you have a valentine of your own or not, check out these Valentine's Day celebration suggestions.


ENJOY A TASTY TREAT. There are plenty of options when it comes to cooking and/or baking on Valentine's Day.  No matter what treats your may give or receive, just remember their potential impact on your teeth!
MAKE A PERSONALIZED CARD.  Instead of buying a card from the grocery store, take the time to make your own for a loved one.
WATCH A MOVIE.  Put on your favorite romantic comedy, or pick up your valentine's favorite movie.
DO NOTHING!  Valentine's Day restaurant reservations can be hectic! Mixing it up and keeping it simple with a quiet, relaxinf evening may be the best remedy.

Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate love and spend quality time with the people you care about the most.  Whether you're in a realtionship or single, take some time today to appreciate those you love in your life.  Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day celebration and if you have any questions or are in need of an appointment, call our dental office at 918-455-0123!

God Bless,
Dr. Thomas


February 12, 2017
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Valentine's Day is best known as a celebration of love in all its forms.  Pink hearts, red roses, and cute greeting cards adorn every surface that you see.  What many people don't realize is that the modern Valentine's Day celebration actually arose from a religious holiday!

St. Valentine's Day was originally celebrated as a religious feast day in honor of early Christian martyrs.  The martyrs named Valentine were honored: a priest in Rome, the persecuted bishop of Interamna, which is a town in central Italy, and a saint martyred in Africa.

The origin of Valentine's Day as a holiday for sweethearts actually began with Geoffrey Chaucer in his 1382 poem.  As the poet wrote, "For this was on Saint Valentine's Day, when every bird cometh there to choose his mate," and the modern day romantic holiday was born.  Shakespeare and many other writers have also mentioned Valentine's Day as a day of love.

Today, over $1 billion chocolates are sold in our country alone, with heart-shaped boxes accounting for 35 million of those purchased.  And, on Valentine's Day itself, florists sell nearly 200 million stems of roses!

Although many people dismiss Valentine's Day as a commercialized "Hallmark holiday," it is beloved to couples and romantics across the United States and other countries.  No matter what your celebratory plans may be this February 14th, may it truly be a wonderful day to celebrate the loved ones in your life!  Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Thomas Family Dentistry!

God Bless,
Dr. Thomas

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